The scenario

Scenario is the literary and drama product written as a basis for the setting of a film or an animation film.  

The literary script in which the plot is studied in details is written on the basis of synopsis as well as the characters of the heroes, the dramaturgic skeleton and the dialogues.


On the basis of the literary script the director develops the general idea of the film. Creative team which besides the director includes producer, the artist and the operator, creates a directors script where description of the place and the time of action of the film is given. It also contains instructions on the basic techniques of work of the operator and the artist and defines features of musical background of the film. The directors script answers to the main points: what film to shoot and how. As a rule it is written down in the form of the table where objects of shooting, close-up objects, duration of the plan, characters and their actions carried out by them are registered. In a directors script each shot, time and a shooting place are described in details, the plan and the way of shooting are defined.