At this stage there is a final miscalculation of sequences of shots.  


As well as on a set of feature film, we place virtual light sources and reflectors in scenes with animation, if necessary we switch on the Sun or the Moon, we put a shade from a cloud coming from the sky.

Qualitative lighting is one of the major elements in visual perception of a picture by the spectator. Therefore we struggle for each detail in scene lightning. Some objects are highlighted irrespective of other elements of a scene in order to give bigger expressiveness to a shot. For the working process of light experts the art director draws the so-called light explications - sketches which transfer light exposure in a scene, specify direction, quantity and brightness of the light sources.


Last stage before the postproduction starts is rendering. Everything that was created at the previous stages becomes visible – rendering of shots begins. In a scene with animation and light that is already set, necessary options for the rendering are made – quantity of passes, number of layers, adjustment of optical effects of the camera.

The ready scene goes on the renderfarm, where sequences of shots are rendering in the film resolution.

The received image still will demand polishing in compositing department but at a stage of rendering we aspire to achieve the maximum quality of the picture.


Special effects give staginess to any modern feature film and in animation they also are necessary. It is a difficult art task and painstaking work to create realistic exterior world in a picture. Thanks to efforts of our specialists all elements of a film become alive and flexible. Clouds, fire, dust, explosions, splashes of water and many other things are created. The spectator won’t doubt any more that it is possible to burn with the fire and the mountain river is cold and rough.

Special effects are first of all is the technical qualification demanding a profound knowledge about the nature of many things and phenomena. Therefore we observe, we study and we embody the seen in our films.