Technologies (software

Correct selection of hardware and software for the specific target performance – is the important part of preparation for the animation film manufacture.  


Being the official partner of such companies as Autodesk and Microsoft, Glukoza Production became the first Russian animation studio completely equipped with the license software.

Production process of the company is based on the following hi-tech software packages:

Software Producer Application
Avid Alien Brain Production control
Autodesk Maya 2009 Unlimited Main 3-D package
Mental Ray SA Imaging system
Motion Builder Animation and work with Motion Capture
Eyeon software Digital Fusion VFX and compositing
Frantic Films DeadLine Management system of net rendering
Adobe Photoshop Work with image graphics
Apple Final Cut Cross-cutting of video and motion-picture materials
Microsoft Windows HPC OS for control of cluster systems
Pixologic Zbrush Work with normal maps, object texturing
Headus UVlayout Work with texture coordinates, object mapping
Maxon BodyPaint Work with normal maps, object texturing


Strategic partner relations with suppliers of the computer equipment provide continuous and firm functioning of our IT infrastructure.

Glukoza Production is equipped with modern computer equipment for all operations of 3d animation production:

  • Workstations on the basis of Intel Quad-Core processors, equipped with powerful Quadro FX graphic accelerators;
  • Workplaces of artists are equipped by up to day graphic digitizers Wacom Cintique 21ux
  • Modern renderfarm based on the solution of T-Blade by T-Platforms company.
  • Multilevel high-speed system of data storage on the basis of technologies NAS and Fibre Channel with total volume more than 60 terabyte, developed by experts of T-Platforms company specially
    for us.
  • Automated data backup system on the based on HP technologies.
  • Two editing stations, capable to work with film material equipped with AJA input-output board for Intel and MAC. JVC professional video monitors with FullHD support, switching and converting equipment Blackmagic. Betacam SP, HDV videorecorders. Possibility to reset data on Bluray.
  • Allocated renderfarm for compositing and VFX department.