Last stage of work with the image before it goes to the final montage and then on a film – It is compositing. Here all the layers needed for creation of the final picture for each scene are collected.  

As well as at the theatre, we use the scenery, painted elements which do not need three-dimensional embodiment, screens for the background, drawn in layers for the further tasks in compositing.

In some cases all exteriors in a scene can be completely drawn and in others it is possible to draw them only partially or it is absolutely impossible.

All, that was created in the rendering department, backgrounds, matte paint, drawn by our artists, layers with special effects are being packed, corrected, finally drawn in compositing programs.

Color correction.

After compositing the material goes to color correction. Here under the control of the director, the director of photography and the artist director color correction of all the film is carried out. Light exposure degree in scenes is being corrected, shades are being changed. It is necessary both for achievement of certain art targets and for the complete visual perception of the film by the spectator. Only after careful color correction the material will be ready for a stage on a film.