Animation is the major stage of creation of an animation film. It’s animators who recover characters and exterior objects.  

In Glukoza Production the animation department is presented by three main business lines:

  • 3d-layout / cleanup
  • Animation
  • Dynamics

3d-layout / cleanup

At a stage of 3d-layouts there is a preliminary montage of a scene. In accordance with the storyboard and animatic exterior objects, characters, required items are put into the scene, the camera is being exposed, duration of a scene is defined.

The primary task of the layouter is together with the director and the director of photography construct stage set, compositionally locate characters and objects In accordance with director's plan, define approximate poses of characters and their motion directions, make preliminary camera animation.

Received material is looked through immediately in montage and is being corrected, if required.

Accepted scenes of 3d layouts are transferred to animators for further detailed study of animation.



Actually animation is the most important stage of creation of an animation film. It’s animators who revive characters and exteriors.

As the director on a set, animator selects the best poses in each scene, expressive gestures for his actors and shot by shot perfects motions of the character.

Keeping up to date, Glukoza Production studio uses all existing methods of creation of animation – both manual keyframe animation, and animation received by means of Mouton Capture.



It’s the stage of creation of so-called secondary animation. Here the behaviour of character’s clothes, hair, furs, tissues, exterior objects that co-operate with each other in accordance with the laws of physics and vision of the director are studied. All these targets are solved by our experts in dynamics using both standard means of Maya Unlimited and in-house developments allowing considerably simplify and advance this process.



The final stage of animation process is the in-depth check of animation in each shot – cleanup. Each scene is being checked in the purpose of existence of errors in animation, nonconformancies in montage, on presence of all objects in a scene and many other trifles.