At this stage there is a connection of separate parts and film episodes in complete film product.  

Montage is carried out under the direction of the production director by montage experts. During the montage process the order, progress temp and rhythm of action are definitively established, the system of semantic, sound, visual and rhythmic relations between separate shots which is fixed in a finished film.

At each stage of work the material is checked through in montage. At a step of preproduction we do animatic which in future is replaced by 3d layouts, draft animation, final animation, materials from rendering department and, at last, with a final material from compositing department.

In parallel work on the sound is proceeded. At first the draft sound is used, then audio book with final actor's group is being recorded. Further intermediate mix assembling is made, and, at last, a final mix – it’s a ready sound track.

In editing room all components of the film develop and are integrated in one whole creation – animation film.